segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

Are tabloids ethical?

Tabloids are a ridiculous thing. They are like a magazine that shows the life of celebrities to everybody.
Knowing what it is, explain something to me, what is the utility of it? How does it contribute for the health of the society? Simple, it doesn’t contribute for anything! It is completely useless.
And other thing bad about tabloids is that everyone has the right of privacy, it doesn’t matter who this person is or what the person is, he or she is a human like you and has the same rights that you have.
Some people say that they like tabloids, but put yourself in the place of a celebrity, would you like to have your privacy invaded?
This isn’t a problem of government, government can’t do anything about it, and the society has to ban the tabloids, how? Simple, just don’t buy it, and then the publishers will not receive money and consequently will stop to make it.
Tabloids certainly aren’t ethical and they should be banned of the world, the only thing that they do is irritate celebrities.

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