terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Humor in our lives

Humor : a kind of freedom.

Humor in our lives is healthy. Humor can make us forget the problems and be happy. The researchers show that humor is good for a lot of sick people (phychologically and physically). Humor is a kind of medicine. I chose humor because I thought that it could be interesting and good to talk about.
I think that humor is freedom, and this can make you smile. Actually, we have some TV shows like “Pânico”, “CQC” and “Agora é tarde”. These TV shows have a different kind of humor, but all of them have good audience. Theaters have stand-up comedy shows which are like a conversation with the audience. 
Humor can bring happiness and a little peace for this world. A little humor is good for stress, preoccupation and things like that.
So humor for me it´s like freedom. Laugh is very good for us. 


Are tabloids ethical?

Tabloids can be ethical, if they don´t expose a lot the famous people´s lives.
In some cases, tabloids are good for entertainment. But sometimes they lie about a famous person and expose so much showing disrespect and violation.
Now, I think that tabloids are not ethical, because they are disrespecting a lot of famous people, and as a result the famous people are processing tabloids. Some people think that tabloids need to over.
There are countless celebrities that sued and complained about tabloids.
Tabloids are sometimes  like an invasion  to celebrities that just want to have a ‘normal’ life, and personal  moments.
So tabloids need change, noticing just the necessary about the famous people. The fans like to know something about the famous person, but the tabloids don´t need to notice them by being fake or rude. 

domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

If we are better than this... WHY DO WE DO THIS!?

As you guys can see in this video we have pretty good examples as how this animals suffer and they suffer not for important things but for futile thigs that we can live without.
A good example is at 1:56 when they show a rabbit being used to test how much toxic is the hairspray...
Do we need to do this just for a better apearence?
This violence needs to stop!

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Why the animals?

Today I am introducing  a diferent topic that i want to talk about: The cruelty with animals as test subjects.
Even that their use is clearly necessary to test new medicines but, when they are used to test things like make up it turns into something cruel.
It may exist other ways to test these medicines with voluntiers or even using new. It is lame that we cannot find a way for every specie to live without pain.
On my next texts I am going to show what is happening today with these animals and suggest ways to stop this.
It is time to end this suffering.

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Against Abortion

People, here you have two videos talking about abortion.
Both are against practicing it, so take a look!



Why is abortion so polemic nowdays?

I decided to choose Abortion like the topic of my project, because it is a theme that is very polemic, and that always makes discussions about it. So, by this way, I got this topic to clarify for the readers of our blog, the two ways of thinking about it. Some people are in favor to makes abortion, when the pregnancy are unwanted. The other group, are against, defending that a child can not “die” because of the irresponsibility of their parents. Well, in a short text like this, you could see how complicated is talk about abortion, but the details of the different opinions, we will see just some weeks from now.

Are tabloids ethical?

One of the most polemics issues are the tabloids. There are two main different opinions about it. The first tell us that tabloids aren’t ethical, because it publish things about the personal life of the celebrities, and maybe this kind of news, should be prohibited. The second one says that tabloids really exposes their lives, but also say that ,in the moment people choose to be a celebrities, they know that their life will be expose for everybody, so they have to be quiet and don’t complain.

There should be a third option. An opinion that mix the first with the second ones. I think that tabloids shouldn’t be prohibited, because a lot of people depends of this job, to win your own money, and have a great life. In addiction, tabloids must have a limit. It couldn’t publish lies about famous, just to have a notice. They have to be ethical, exposing what is happening for population, but just the things that are true, and that celebrities wants to share.

Now you have already three ways to think. In the first tabloids prohibited, second with limit or third with out limit. You have also the arguments of the both. So now tell me, what is your opinion?

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

What does Euthanasia Mean?

My next text is about Euthanasia, which can be described by the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. I choose this theme because I think that anyone, one day, can be exposed to choose between life and death because of the pain that he/she suffers. Another interesting thing about Euthanasia is that there are different opinions about what can be done and what will be done, because each one has a way to react about this action. An example of a story that includes Euthanasia is the movie “You Don’t Know Jack” (trailer under the text), wich talks about a man who practices Euthanasia and the society judges him.

domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Tabloids: are they really ethical? Should they be allowed?

Tabloids are really a polemic topic, isn't it? Some people are in favor ofand some are against. Of course tabloids are "cool", and there are many people who like spending all their times on it, but... Are they ethical? Should they be allowed? I know we have the freedom of speech, but how far can we go with this freedom? Tabloids shouldn't be banished, but we could create people's awareness about not publishing bad photos, or faking news. Would this be possible, seeing the world we're on nowadays? Sincerely thinking?
I think tabloids should respect more the privacy of the celebrities, and celebs could understand the press. After all, those celebs knew how this famous life could be, didn't they?

terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Tabloids, could they be better?

When we talk about tabloids we can see clearly the two sides that everyone knows: one that says they should be banned , and the other that says they can speak freely because of the freedom of speech.
But that are other sides to consider for example the one that say they don't need to be banned but they can have more respect for other persons life, have more consideration .
One thing that we need to set clearly: most tabloids aren't ethical, and this is a fact. What some people purpose is that they have a code to base they're publications, only because something can sell more don't mean than must be published,for example celebrities private life, when they become famous most of then just thought about their work, not the fame.
Another thing is that many tabloid lie to make better publications of course there are certain things that need to be shown (when we talk about politics for example) but lie shouldn't be an option, ever.
Tabloids can be unethical in many ways but they can be a good source of information if the have a better judment about what should be published. They need to think more in expose the truth that is useful for all than lies which can sell more.

sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012

Are Tabloids Ethical?

The sense of the tabloids no one knows how to answer, but everyone has their side, liking or not the tabloids. The sense of ethics no one knows at all, because each one has a way to characterize what it is and what it is not ethical. Tabloids always have two sides the one who reads and the other who writes and has her/his name on it, the side of like and the side of dislike.         
The press can’t publish whatever it wants, because this could let some celebs uncomfortable about what is written. While tabloids can violate one’s rights and privacy, the famous people has to know that this is the life they chose, so they have to accept and to know that this would happen.
The question is: If we want to impose limits for the tabloids and the media, would the censorship be a good way to deal with this? I think starting a new censorship is not necessary nowadays and even if it was necessary we couldn't make it, because once started a civilization we would have to do much to fade it away.
Even if we want to decide what is or isn't ethical, who should do this? Would it be the adults, the younger, the elderly, the government or everyone? That’s why we can’t say that “this is ethical and that is not ethical” because each one has a way to characterize it. And if we want to decide who have the rights to censor or ban things that are considered unethical, we also wouldn't know who should do this.
The question of the title is answered? No, because everyone has many ways to see, to think and to argue about everything that is questioned.