quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Panspermia: How do we apeared?

The humanity has a lot of questions about everything, and to find a way to solve it, we make a lot of theories, panspermia is nothing more than one of these theories of the beginning of life, but different from the other theories like big bang or creationism, panspermia isn’t a theory for the creation of universe, it’s a theory only about the life in earth, and it’s a very plausible theory and really can be true.
The theory says that the life come from the space, not in a spaceship with ETs like a lot of people think when hear about this theory, but in an asteroid, and one of the biggest proofs of panspermia is that scientists found organic elements that could origin life in a asteroid that fell in earth. See? Why don’t believe that it is true?
Other thing that contributes to trust in this theory is that recently the scientists discovered that the conditions in earth aren’t the only to have life, are just the only to humans live, another types of life can live in different places, some don’t need oxygen to live or water, they could breathe carbon dioxide or nitrogen, it depends on the place that they live. Now you are asking me how they survived in earth if they came from other planet, simple, panspermia follows the line of evolutionism, so when they arrived in earth, they adapted themselves to live here.
Some people that don’t believe in this theory say that it can’t be true because the earth is the only planet with life  in the universe, but c’mon, how you can be certain about it, the space is infinite, I think it’s hard to believe that earth is the only planet with life in this giant place that the space is.
Other people say that it can’t be true because a human won’t live in an asteroid in space for a lot of years, these people don’t know what they are saying, please study about something before criticizing in a so stupid way! Who said that a human came flying in an asteroid trough the space until arrive in earth? The theory says that elements came and origined life or at maximum microorganisms, but not a human or any other animal.
After reading it I’m right that you saw that panspermia is a plausible theory that has a big potential to be true, if you aren’t convinced yet, research about it, you will see that it is a very good theory

sexta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2012



Many people have different views and ways to see the abortion. There are many religions and things that people believe. In some religions, this is something horrible to do. But nowadays ,abortion is the topic of many formal or informal discussion. The question is, should abortion became a legal thing ?

Abortion is complicated. I am just in favor, if happens a crime, and if the women is about to die.

There are cases where abortion is the only solution. Abortion is not something simple and is not good for women . I think people should know the things and the government need to do something to stop and make that abortion don´t be a solution.

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

An answer for our origin

Panspermia is a very good theory about the beginning of the life with a lot of proofs, but it is kind unknow. Different from the other creation theories, this isn’t a theory of the creation of the universe, but a theory about the life in earth, and it is a very interesting theory and ifproved, it will answer a lot of questions that humans have. It says that the life came from the space an asteroid, it’s just it, simple but a very good theory. It isn't so much like tha video above but we can have a ideia abuot how it is.

Are tabloids ethical?

Tabloids are a ridiculous thing. They are like a magazine that shows the life of celebrities to everybody.
Knowing what it is, explain something to me, what is the utility of it? How does it contribute for the health of the society? Simple, it doesn’t contribute for anything! It is completely useless.
And other thing bad about tabloids is that everyone has the right of privacy, it doesn’t matter who this person is or what the person is, he or she is a human like you and has the same rights that you have.
Some people say that they like tabloids, but put yourself in the place of a celebrity, would you like to have your privacy invaded?
This isn’t a problem of government, government can’t do anything about it, and the society has to ban the tabloids, how? Simple, just don’t buy it, and then the publishers will not receive money and consequently will stop to make it.
Tabloids certainly aren’t ethical and they should be banned of the world, the only thing that they do is irritate celebrities.

quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

A wolf in sheep's clothing: the world power

Terrorism: seeing both sides.
When we think about terrorism, the first thing that comes into our minds is that the USA was attacked by the Arabs and Muslins. I am right? Why is this the first thinking? 
USA is the biggest power, and everything that happens there, is known by all the world. But are the news spread true? This story is not well told. Understand why the U.S. are NOT the wretches that most of people think they are.

 First World War:
The entrance of the U.S.A. on the war was forced by a ruse. Until 1915, the north-americans weren't involved on this, but the government, and mainly the economic elite knew that war is a big business. So, they had to get in. 
A passenger steamship was sent with 1198 people on board for the war zone and when discovered, was attacked by a German submarine. After being hit by the first torpedo, a shipment of ammunition exploded and the ship sank.
The president Woodrow Wilson now have a "reason" to enter to the war, because he had warned the Germans that if some American suffer any damage, the U.S.A. would declare war. Fact that the steamship that was sent was civil, but the ship was full of weapons and ammunition, and was in war zone purposely. Through this ruse, suddenly the U.S.A. was in the war.

 Second World War:
In 1941 the american population were against the entrance of the U.S. in the war. The president Theodore Roosevelt had to find a reason to change the public opinion. 
Timely, came so the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor. It wasn't a surprise-attack, because the United States said that they knew the Japanese secret code. A few days before the attack, the north-americans took their elite troops and best ships. The British warned the CIA chief about a Japanese fleet was in curse to Hawaii, but this alert was omitted for the commander of the fleet in Pearl Harbor. After the Japanese attack, the public opinion changed and the U.S. was in the war again!

 World Trade Center in 1993: 
After the attack investigations, where a bomb exploded inside a car, it was clear at the time the so-called "terrorists", of course Arabs, Muslims, were taken by FBI agents. A typical inside-job: an attack against civil servants American people.

 World Trade Center in 2001:
It wasn't different: everything points to another inside-job. 
After the "September 11th", the U.S.A. marched against two countries in them self-proclaimed role of "global-policeman" to liberate Iraq from a dictator and Afghanistan's  Taliban, and search for the world's most dangerous terrorist: Osama Bin Laden. After all this chaos, the north-american government transformed their country in a Police State by the "Patriot Act", what they are so proud of. Under the pretext of the "war against the terrorism", everything is possible for the executive north-american. The population are dependents of an absolutist regime, and if a country doesn't follow this instructions, they are called enemies. 

The power of the U.S.A. was ratified also through the dollar as the world coin for oil. The dollar was the most important coin of the world, and that's the biggest weapon of the U.S.

                                  Wolf in sheep's clothing?
Us, the rest of the world, receive an image very distorted to what they really are. In one side they are the saviors, the ones that protected us from the Nazism, the communism and from a lot of dictators. In another hand, they prosecuted an absolutist regime and support the totalitarianism. 


terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Humor in our lives

Humor : a kind of freedom.

Humor in our lives is healthy. Humor can make us forget the problems and be happy. The researchers show that humor is good for a lot of sick people (phychologically and physically). Humor is a kind of medicine. I chose humor because I thought that it could be interesting and good to talk about.
I think that humor is freedom, and this can make you smile. Actually, we have some TV shows like “Pânico”, “CQC” and “Agora é tarde”. These TV shows have a different kind of humor, but all of them have good audience. Theaters have stand-up comedy shows which are like a conversation with the audience. 
Humor can bring happiness and a little peace for this world. A little humor is good for stress, preoccupation and things like that.
So humor for me it´s like freedom. Laugh is very good for us. 


Are tabloids ethical?

Tabloids can be ethical, if they don´t expose a lot the famous people´s lives.
In some cases, tabloids are good for entertainment. But sometimes they lie about a famous person and expose so much showing disrespect and violation.
Now, I think that tabloids are not ethical, because they are disrespecting a lot of famous people, and as a result the famous people are processing tabloids. Some people think that tabloids need to over.
There are countless celebrities that sued and complained about tabloids.
Tabloids are sometimes  like an invasion  to celebrities that just want to have a ‘normal’ life, and personal  moments.
So tabloids need change, noticing just the necessary about the famous people. The fans like to know something about the famous person, but the tabloids don´t need to notice them by being fake or rude.