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Panspermia: How do we apeared?

The humanity has a lot of questions about everything, and to find a way to solve it, we make a lot of theories, panspermia is nothing more than one of these theories of the beginning of life, but different from the other theories like big bang or creationism, panspermia isn’t a theory for the creation of universe, it’s a theory only about the life in earth, and it’s a very plausible theory and really can be true.
The theory says that the life come from the space, not in a spaceship with ETs like a lot of people think when hear about this theory, but in an asteroid, and one of the biggest proofs of panspermia is that scientists found organic elements that could origin life in a asteroid that fell in earth. See? Why don’t believe that it is true?
Other thing that contributes to trust in this theory is that recently the scientists discovered that the conditions in earth aren’t the only to have life, are just the only to humans live, another types of life can live in different places, some don’t need oxygen to live or water, they could breathe carbon dioxide or nitrogen, it depends on the place that they live. Now you are asking me how they survived in earth if they came from other planet, simple, panspermia follows the line of evolutionism, so when they arrived in earth, they adapted themselves to live here.
Some people that don’t believe in this theory say that it can’t be true because the earth is the only planet with life  in the universe, but c’mon, how you can be certain about it, the space is infinite, I think it’s hard to believe that earth is the only planet with life in this giant place that the space is.
Other people say that it can’t be true because a human won’t live in an asteroid in space for a lot of years, these people don’t know what they are saying, please study about something before criticizing in a so stupid way! Who said that a human came flying in an asteroid trough the space until arrive in earth? The theory says that elements came and origined life or at maximum microorganisms, but not a human or any other animal.
After reading it I’m right that you saw that panspermia is a plausible theory that has a big potential to be true, if you aren’t convinced yet, research about it, you will see that it is a very good theory

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