terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Humor in our lives

Humor : a kind of freedom.

Humor in our lives is healthy. Humor can make us forget the problems and be happy. The researchers show that humor is good for a lot of sick people (phychologically and physically). Humor is a kind of medicine. I chose humor because I thought that it could be interesting and good to talk about.
I think that humor is freedom, and this can make you smile. Actually, we have some TV shows like “Pânico”, “CQC” and “Agora é tarde”. These TV shows have a different kind of humor, but all of them have good audience. Theaters have stand-up comedy shows which are like a conversation with the audience. 
Humor can bring happiness and a little peace for this world. A little humor is good for stress, preoccupation and things like that.
So humor for me it´s like freedom. Laugh is very good for us. 

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