terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012


Are tabloids ethical?

Tabloids can be ethical, if they don´t expose a lot the famous people´s lives.
In some cases, tabloids are good for entertainment. But sometimes they lie about a famous person and expose so much showing disrespect and violation.
Now, I think that tabloids are not ethical, because they are disrespecting a lot of famous people, and as a result the famous people are processing tabloids. Some people think that tabloids need to over.
There are countless celebrities that sued and complained about tabloids.
Tabloids are sometimes  like an invasion  to celebrities that just want to have a ‘normal’ life, and personal  moments.
So tabloids need change, noticing just the necessary about the famous people. The fans like to know something about the famous person, but the tabloids don´t need to notice them by being fake or rude. 

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