quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Are tabloids ethical?

One of the most polemics issues are the tabloids. There are two main different opinions about it. The first tell us that tabloids aren’t ethical, because it publish things about the personal life of the celebrities, and maybe this kind of news, should be prohibited. The second one says that tabloids really exposes their lives, but also say that ,in the moment people choose to be a celebrities, they know that their life will be expose for everybody, so they have to be quiet and don’t complain.

There should be a third option. An opinion that mix the first with the second ones. I think that tabloids shouldn’t be prohibited, because a lot of people depends of this job, to win your own money, and have a great life. In addiction, tabloids must have a limit. It couldn’t publish lies about famous, just to have a notice. They have to be ethical, exposing what is happening for population, but just the things that are true, and that celebrities wants to share.

Now you have already three ways to think. In the first tabloids prohibited, second with limit or third with out limit. You have also the arguments of the both. So now tell me, what is your opinion?

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