sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012

Are Tabloids Ethical?

The sense of the tabloids no one knows how to answer, but everyone has their side, liking or not the tabloids. The sense of ethics no one knows at all, because each one has a way to characterize what it is and what it is not ethical. Tabloids always have two sides the one who reads and the other who writes and has her/his name on it, the side of like and the side of dislike.         
The press can’t publish whatever it wants, because this could let some celebs uncomfortable about what is written. While tabloids can violate one’s rights and privacy, the famous people has to know that this is the life they chose, so they have to accept and to know that this would happen.
The question is: If we want to impose limits for the tabloids and the media, would the censorship be a good way to deal with this? I think starting a new censorship is not necessary nowadays and even if it was necessary we couldn't make it, because once started a civilization we would have to do much to fade it away.
Even if we want to decide what is or isn't ethical, who should do this? Would it be the adults, the younger, the elderly, the government or everyone? That’s why we can’t say that “this is ethical and that is not ethical” because each one has a way to characterize it. And if we want to decide who have the rights to censor or ban things that are considered unethical, we also wouldn't know who should do this.
The question of the title is answered? No, because everyone has many ways to see, to think and to argue about everything that is questioned.

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