terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Tabloids, could they be better?

When we talk about tabloids we can see clearly the two sides that everyone knows: one that says they should be banned , and the other that says they can speak freely because of the freedom of speech.
But that are other sides to consider for example the one that say they don't need to be banned but they can have more respect for other persons life, have more consideration .
One thing that we need to set clearly: most tabloids aren't ethical, and this is a fact. What some people purpose is that they have a code to base they're publications, only because something can sell more don't mean than must be published,for example celebrities private life, when they become famous most of then just thought about their work, not the fame.
Another thing is that many tabloid lie to make better publications of course there are certain things that need to be shown (when we talk about politics for example) but lie shouldn't be an option, ever.
Tabloids can be unethical in many ways but they can be a good source of information if the have a better judment about what should be published. They need to think more in expose the truth that is useful for all than lies which can sell more.

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